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TotalLife - Ultra Immune Plus from Olive Leaf

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Restrictions apply. See below for details. Limit one bottle per customer. Available only while supplies last. May not be used in conjunction with any other discount or offer.

Cold and Flu Season are Here! Are You Ready?

Discover This Ancient, All-Natural Healing Secret to Boost Immunity

Ultra Immune Plus is a specially-formulated, all-natural supplement that uses a centuries-old healing extract, Oleuropein harvested from the whole food source, olive leaf. Oleuropein is naturally antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal known to boost the body’s natural immune response and build resistance to viruses, bacteria, and other toxins in our environment. In addition, Oleuropein is thought to help lower blood pressure, burn fat more efficiently, reduce inflammation, eliminate free radicals, and reduce cardiovascular risk.* This revolutionary product is like nothing else on the market, making it a staple of our recommended health regimen.

Olive Leaf Plant


Oleuropein Molecule

Oleuropein Molecule

Ultra Immune Plus is a uniquely blended formulation combining the phytonutrient power of Oleuropein with the highest efficacy and absorption levels available, making it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients into your bloodstream. And Ultra Immune Plus contains ingredients NOT sourced from China, which can be of such low quality, even as low as placebo, commonly found in lower-quality alternatives.

Maybe best of all, like most natural supplements and herbs, the risk of side effects from Ultra Immune Plus is very low, however, you should consult with your physician about your personal health plan before starting Ultra Immune Plus.

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Ultra Immune Plus is Our “Go-To” Supplement to Boost Immunity.  But Don’t Take Our Word For It.  See What Our Members Say About Ultra Immune Plus…

“I never get sick anymore. Not ever!”

“I used to get sick (like down for an entire week sick) at least twice a year. It was something I could literally count on. And none of the over-the-counter remedies seemed to do anything to help. Then I started taking Ultra Immune Plus every day at the suggestion of my local health food store. Now I NEVER get sick anymore. Not ever. I haven’t even gotten a cold in years. This stuff really works!”

Marie K - Verified Buyer

Marie K.

Verified Buyer
United States United States

“The moment I start to feel sick, I take Ultra Immune Plus.”

“I used to get sick ALL the time.
While battling yet another head cold a couple years ago, a friend of mine suggested Ultra Immune Plus, and after taking it, my symptoms got very mild and went away much faster than usual. Now, the moment I get sick, I take Ultra Immune Plus. Now I almost never get sick, and if I do, it’s much less sever than before. This stuff is amazing!

Mary Beth H - Verified Buyer

Mary Beth H.

Verified Buyer
United States United States

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We’re living in unprecedented times where everyone’s health and safety are at risk.  And with Cold and Flu season now upon us, I think we can all agree that keeping our immune system strong is something that’s never been more important than it is right now.  That’s why we’re giving away ONE FREE BOTTLE OF ULTRA IMMUNE PLUS to everyone who attends one of our FREE online Wellness Seminars as a special “thank you” for attending.

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Register for one of our FREE Wellness Seminar/Webinar

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At the conclusion of the online seminar/webinar, you’ll be given detailed instructions on how to collect your free bottle of Ultra Immune Plus.  It’s really that simple and easy!  There’s no cost or obligation whatsoever.

Yes, I Want My FREE bottle of Ultra Immune Plus!

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